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“Dyer Davis gets the New Year off to a rousing start with Dog Bites Back, a blistering set that mixes blues, rock and soul from one of the most exciting new voices in all three genres!”
– Graham Clarke Blues Bytes
“The journey from the first to last track in Dyer’s album is as important as the destination – Enjoy it all the way!” – Michael Limnios Blues Hall of Fame
“Dyer Davis brings new immediacy to blues and blues-rock by singing as if he were probing a deep recess within him. His album jumps him to the front row of the most promising young up-and-comers.” – Frank-John Hadley DownBeat 
“Davis’ vocal strength and inspired songwriting skills, combined with his remarkable ability as a guitar player, makes Dyer Davis one of the hottest new names in the contemporary world of the Blues/Rock genre’.” – Gio Pilato Bluebird Reviews
“Dyer Davis stands apart from other blues rockers… in addition to being a great guitar player, he’s also a great singer and arranger. Think Stevie Ray Vaughan meets the Black Crows,” 
– Lew Jetton Show Host State Line Blues

“Every song here exudes magic, untouchable feeling of someone who is about to become huge. Davis has the skills, maturity, and artistry of players twice his age and stands out as an individual, even in a crowded playing field. Dog Bites Back is one of the strongest debut albums to come down in quite some time. Dyer Davis gives every indication of being on a trajectory to become one of the dominant artists in contemporary blues. Remember: you heard it here first.”

– Rock & Blues Muse Review – By Mike O’Cull

“This is the most exciting thing I’ve heard since Cristone Kingfish Ingram’s debut.”” Dog Bites Back has the ferocious energy of Zeppelin’s early stuff; this original and exciting blend of rock ‘n’ blues has the nuts to blow you away!”

– Hot Wax Record Reviews by the Rock Doctor *****+


“This is an exceptional album. The first time through I thought what a fine soulful blues rock CD it was. The second time through I was even more impressed and with each listen I hear more and more that tells me this is a really great piece of work. I most highly recommend it and I have a feeling that folks will take notice of this album when the next sets of awards start coming out – it really is a superb album!”

– Blues Blast Magazine Senior writer Steve Jones


“Dyer’s guitar playing on Train Wreck and the title track Dog Bites Back is right up there with Paul Kossoff and Ronnie Wood; totally understated but grizzly and dare I say it; sexy too; yet never over playing his hand and never threatening those ornery vocal performances…, that show a young singer at the very top of his game as he enunciates every single word while sounding every inch the Rock Star. WOWZA! It has knocked me for six!”

– Rocking Magpie Review UK


“All the pieces fit together perfectly, and the results are outstanding. ” Dog Bites Back ” is an understatement.  This is one hound that holds on and never let’s go! Highly entertaining, thoroughly exciting, and pure enjoyment from start to finish. Superb debut that gets better and more interesting with repeated listening’s.  Dyer Davis will set the music world on fire for years to come. Well Done !!”

– John Muller – North Jersey Blues Society

Dyer Davis is an American singer / guitarist, who released his debut album for WildRoots Records in February. He spent the last 8 years of his young life as a rock artist, recently departing from the band Rubber Soul Child. Now at 23 he has returned to the music that first inspired him to become a musician. As a child his father also, a musician, turned him on to the music of the 60’s and 70’s. The artists that spoke to him the most were the blues-based rockers, especially the early Jeff Beck records featuring Rod Stewart. This instilled in him the importance of the blues as the key foundation of the music he was drawn to.

Dyer Davis Singer / Guitarist

    Album Highlights

    Event Dates

    Aug. 2
    Z’s Music Kitchen, Naples

    Aug. 3
    Englewood’s on Dearborn, Englewood

    Aug. 4
    Cottonmouth’s, Bradenton

    Aug. 5
    Downtown Kava, Punta Gorda

    Aug. 6
    Crazy Uncle Mike’s, Boca Raton

    Aug. 11
    Conch House (Unplugged), St. Augustine

    Aug. 19
    Cafe DaVinci, DeLand

    Aug. 24
    H2O Bar, Daytona Beach

    Aug. 25
    31 Supper Club (Unplugged), Ormond Beach

    Aug. 26
    Hard Rock Daytona

    Aug. 27
    Traders (Unplugged)

    Aug. 30
    Sugar Works (Solo)

    Sept. 1
    Colonial Oak, St. Augustine

    Sept. 3
    Private Party, New Smyrna Beach

    Sept. 8
    The Bank and Blues, Daytona Beach

    Sept. 16
    Recovery Fest, Flagler Beach

    Sept. 18
    International Blues Challenge, The Villages

    Sept. 20
    Beaches (w/Victor Wainwright), Daytona Beach

    Sept. 23
    Blues Blast Awards, Peoria, IL

    Sept. 27
    The Ideal Theater, Cedar Rapids, IA

    Sept. 3o
    Levitt Amp, Fort Smith, AR

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